Flowers: Okay so I couldn't come up with a creative name, wanna fight about it? Tomorrow I am going on a long journey around the area with my camera so I will return with tons of new and better shots for the weekend and beyond. Or so I hope. I'm not particularly happy with this picture but it is better than the other options I had for today's update. By the way, I am now listed at (look at right side for link to profile) so if you have an account there, please add me to your favourites. Thanks!
04.14.05 || More Nikon D70 Photos || Comments (6)

too busy. no lines to direct the eye
focal point is kinda...shitty?
says ms. Chong of course

dude, u could have totally got an awesome macro shot of one of those flowers. MACRO I SAY!

Posted by: Nantuuuhhh on 04.14.05

man, give the guy a break....He just got the d70 only like 2 days ago, dSLR's take some time to get used to if you come straight from a P&S like he did.

Posted by: Sean on 04.15.05

I would do a macro shot but the kit lens for the D70 is not exactly the most ideal for a macro shot. Soon enough I'll get a new lens.

Posted by: Raffi on 04.15.05

Very busy. Needs cropping on the far left, that white is distracting. Also needs more negative space. Like Nanntuuh (Ananta?) said, should have macro-ed it. The colours are nice though.

Posted by: Scott on 04.16.05

i agree with scott, not your best

Posted by: Mitch (your king) on 04.16.05

i like the flowers, they're pretty. i also agree with scott and ananta.

Posted by: zuz on 04.17.05
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