From Outer Space
From Outer Space: I'm looking into buying the Nikon DX NIKKOR AF-S 18-200 F3.5-5.6 VR ED lens for my D70. If anyone has had experience with this lens, please let me know how it is. Since it's so popular, there is no way for me to try one out at the store since they are always on a backorder. Thanks!
06.30.06 || More Nikon D70 Photos || Comments (4)

Great Photo!!

I'm looking at picking up the same lens. I'll hoping to put a downpayment on one this weekend... so with any luck I'll have one in a few weeks.

Posted by: Mike on 07.06.06

I'll = I'm :)

Posted by: Mike on 07.06.06

Absoutely amazing skyscape. I really love the donut cloud and the great blue toning. Great job!

Posted by: Jonathan Greenwald on 08.04.06

What a great sky, that 'doughnut' cloud is amazing!

Posted by: miles on 08.17.06
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