Godzilla: I met this pigeon on the top of the Empire State Building. I only realized after looking at this picture that he looked like a giant that can crush all those tiny, almost lego-like buildings. Me and a few others had a little talk with him. He proceeded to try to get us to fly away with him, but we couldn't so he stayed with us for a little while longer. (Oh man this probably makes no sense if you were not there. hah).

I think it looks like hes in a little studio and that the background is just a painted backdrop. It almost doesnt look real. Certainly a great capture.

Posted by: ctranter on 06.17.05

What a view! Truly a great capture. Your commentary made me laugh :-)

Posted by: Lee on 06.17.05

That must've been one hell of a flight for him

Posted by: Đan on 06.18.05

This is a great shot! Nice work.

Posted by: Ian on 06.18.05

Wonderful shot, you feel like you’re on top of the world. The background really does make the picture. You have to love the social city pigeons

Posted by: SmileTO on 06.20.05

wow raffi. Didcha take photography? awesome pictures! They're really REALLY good

Posted by: lyss on 06.21.05

Hehe, wonderful!

Posted by: Heidi on 06.29.05

First King Kong went up the Empire State Building and now this Giant Pigeon...


Posted by: HiMY SYeD [www.Photopia.TYO.ca] on 07.13.05

Now that you mention it, it does look like a giant pigeon. Nice backdrop.

Posted by: Alicia on 07.15.05

i took this picture first!!!

Posted by: erika on 07.17.05

I love it.

What a wonderful shot.

Posted by: Sandra on 08.10.05

Great shot!!

Posted by: monaroau on 08.12.05
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