Gothic Glow
Gothic Glow: Well after a long hiatus, I finally found the time to update the site again. For those of you returning, thank you for your patience. For the newcomers, I hope you like what you see here and in the archives. I do plan on regularly updating the site again from now on. My excuse for the delay was a mixture of managing my time with work, the beginning of a new school year, friends, and now homework.

With this particular image, I wanted to make it look dark and gloomy.. Unfortunately I couldn't achieve my desired look for two reasons: 1. I didn't play with photoshop during the whole time this site was not being updated, so I seemed to have forgotten some things, and 2. I didn't intend on it being a dark shot when I actually took the picture.

COMMENTS ARE NOW DISABLED: I thank all of you who gave your input, but due to excessive spamming and the sheer amount of time out of my day that spam deleting took, I've decided to disable the comment system. This may come back online at a later date when the site is on a regular updating schedule again. But since there have been no comments for a long time, there was no point in keeping the system online.
09.16.06 || More Nikon D70 Photos || Comments (0)

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