Musical Notes
Musical Notes: I have two versions of this picture. The one above, and this one. Let me know which one you think is better, because I really could not decide.
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I enjoy the colour (nearly sepia) version... it seems more vibrant and the music sheets stand out. the b&w one doesn't have much contrast so i think your focus gets a bit lost. nice work.

Posted by: Tanja on 04.26.05

Are you kidding, or is it just to get more comments ? ;-)
I definitively vote for the color version. Anyway, I must argue:
1) the balance between blue and orange (wich are, as you know, complementary colors) is perfect.
2) on the other ege the B/w version seems dull. Why? Just because the difference between foreground and bakground (which was well held by the complementary colors), seems to desapear. A look at the histogram (once imported in photoshop) shows that the shot was under-exposed -which is good in that case for color (tell you later why) but not for B/W. Just give a pinch to the cusor to expand the histogram, and you will see that the B/W looks definitively better than before.
3) Magritte (the french painter) wrote beneath a painting figuring a pipe "this is not a pipe". I like that the partition, which I know to be white, appears orange, because it reminds me that it's not a partition, but the picture of a partition, taken in a special place, at a special time, under a special light.
The color one is obviously a very good shot. I would have named it "Harmony".

and please forgive my bad english...

Posted by: Maxime on 04.26.05

Awsome. color. Nothing more needs to me said

Posted by: mitch on 04.28.05

Nice! I like the repetition of horizontal lines from the music to the blinds!

Posted by: ViSuaLLyMiNDeD on 05.03.05

one of my favourites you've taken

Posted by: Merz on 05.08.05
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