Old Mill
Old Mill: I can't decide again which one is better. This one or this one. Opinions please?
06.06.05 || More Nikon D70 Photos || Comments (6)

Personally I like this one much better. I love black and white photos but the colors in this actually nice. The bright red on the windows adds character to the photo. The nice greens from the mildew on the mil are completely lost in the black and white photo…. What can I say I like the color photo better =)

Posted by: SmileTO on 06.06.05

I like the greens in this one.

Posted by: Đan on 06.06.05

ya, I too like the color one better. . .but the B&W has a little of that old timey feel ;)
This picture might be really sweet to take a tripod, and do a several second exposure on, so as to get the wheel in motion.

Posted by: Mark on 06.06.05

I like the reds in the window.

>>colour photo<<

Posted by: _inhuman on 06.06.05

whoo main street unionville. hottest place to be!

Posted by: Sharona on 06.08.05

i have the exsact same picture. <3

Posted by: erika on 07.17.05
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