One Last Time
One Last Time: This is the last picture that I will be posting with my Nikon 5400 (unless I need to for some reason). I bought a new camera yesterday. I settled on a Nikon D70, even though I went there to get a Canon Digital Rebel XT. The XT wasnt as good as I thought it would be, and it kept crashing while I was trying it. I will post pictures with the D70 starting tomorrow. By the way, sorry for the late update today. Hectic day yesterday.

Nice sunset photo. I'll be looking forward to see the photos shot with the D70. I'm glad to see that you chose it. I moved up from the Fuji S5000 to the D70. I will warn you there is a learning curve, unless you've shot with an SLR previously. There are tons of hidden menus..whew, I got tired of reading that D70 manual. Don't believe you'll be retiring that Coolpix totally. I still love the point and click convenience of the Fuji and it consistently gives me great pics. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Suzanne on 04.13.05

Wonderful vivid colors, and such clarity! Beautiful shot. Hope you enjoy your new camera! :)

Posted by: Lara Barrett on 04.13.05

This is just beautiful

Posted by: Califfoto on 04.13.05

holy shiznit raffi is the best photographer i know and your not taking photography this is MADNESS I TELL YOU!
hugging spreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Posted by: shell on 04.13.05

Interesting photo. I really like how you've silhouetted the rooftops and concentrated on the sunset.

Posted by: naomi-sarah on 04.13.05

This is lovely... I really like the tight framing with the sky as the majority of the shot... very well executed and the colors are great!

Posted by: Charlie on 04.13.05

I tend to not go with the mass..I am waiting my Pentax ist Ds...Dsrl very similar to the D70

This shot is great..beautiful colors..

Posted by: Daniel g on 04.14.05

Wonderful shot of the sky. Great work!

Posted by: SmileTO on 05.09.05
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