Replica: The site hit 8000 visitors a few days ago, so thank you very much for that. At this point I would like to point out that the site is one year old in about 3 days. However, the thought completely slipped my mind so I have no idea what I'm going to do to celebrate. I'll think of something I guess.
04.06.06 || More Nikon D70 Photos || Comments (4)

Wow. Nice blue tone.

Posted by: suresh on 04.06.06

Fantastic abstract. It would make wonderful art.

Posted by: Sean on 04.10.06

congrats on the one year mark, I totally missed my one year mark and was suprised that I didn't post 365 photos at that time, whoops must have forgot a few days of posting.

BTW, thats smooth!

Posted by: andrew on 04.16.06

thanks for your recent this shot - really creamy!

Posted by: peter on 05.03.06
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