Stairs: Okay so I havent found out whats causing the lack of saturation for now.. I think it has something to do with how Photoshop is saving the images. I may try different programs. For today I had a better picture but that one looks better with saturation, so I'll see if I can fix the problem by tomorrow.
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Wish I could provide some insight to your saturation issue. I like this shot, it makes me wonder what's down around the corner.

Posted by: Lee on 05.07.05

I think you are having the same saturation problem I am having. Don't know what platform/browser you are using, but if I compare your picture in firefox and safari, the saturation is much better in safari.

Posted by: jp on 05.07.05

Can't help you with your daturation problem, it looks fine to me :)
I like the DOF in the picture, how the stairs slowly fade away.

Posted by: Max on 05.07.05

I had a similar sort of problem. When i saved images using save as for web they would lose saturation. It was due to not setting up correct colour profiles.

Posted by: ctranter on 05.07.05


Posted by: Max on 05.07.05

Great depth of field in this shot, and I love the curve of the stairs...

Posted by: Lara Barrett on 05.07.05

i love the perspective of this picture, so plain. yet so complex

Posted by: Merz on 05.08.05

nice framing of the steps and the curve.

Posted by: ViSuaLLyMiNDeD on 05.09.05

Interesting shot. I wouldn't want to fall down those :-)

Posted by: Juice on 05.10.05

Nice catch on this one -- I don't think it'd work if there was more depth of field, but like this it's a clean abstract. Black & white might make it a little more dynamic?

Posted by: kendall on 05.24.05
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