Standing Out
Standing Out: The weather was nice today, so I tried to take some pics. Unfortunately for me, it seems I messed some setting up on my camera, and it was overexposing everything even though my ISO was at 200 and all other settings were normal. I did a firmware upgrade today, because Nikon kept to their promise and released an update yesterday, and so far things seem to be back to normal.

As a result, I can say that I would have had a better picture for today but out of the bunch I took, only two came out good enough.
05.19.05 || More Nikon D70 Photos || Comments (3)

Well, there are just days like the one you described... Good DOF (you camera didn't mess that up :-))) )

Posted by: flygirl on 05.19.05

Mmmm...I can almost smell this tree--one of my favorite smells in the world... :)

Posted by: Lara Barrett on 05.19.05

Nice DOF! :)

Posted by: Max on 05.19.05
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