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The Observer: Sorry about the lack of update yesterday. I went to work in the morning on Saturday and somehow did not come back home until 2pm on Sunday. Dont even ask... Because I don't know. =D
08.15.05 || More Nikon D70 Photos || Comments (12)

I really like the perspective and shadowing in this shot. The lighting in the eye is very cool too!

Posted by: Lee on 08.15.05

yay! i love it!!!!!!! it's awesome =)

Posted by: Sharona on 08.15.05

I loved this photo. The lighting in the eye is very beautiful.

Posted by: susana on 08.15.05

woah...awesome shot

Posted by: an on 08.15.05

great picture raffi! how did you succeed in doing that for the eye? what tools did you use to post-process?

Posted by: sinstone on 08.15.05

thats so crazy. stop telling stories about your late night drunk fests......KIDDING. :)

Posted by: shell on 08.15.05

omgzorz. coolest picture ev0r.

im jealous of Neils. THAT SHOULD BE ME DAMMIT!!

Posted by: *sigh* Ananta. on 08.16.05

In addition to the partial color, the half white and half black works great there. Nicely done.

Posted by: adnan on 08.16.05

Ooh, I love the SC. Great DOF :)

Posted by: Mark on 08.17.05

hmmmm, very sexy... nice!

Posted by: joli on 08.21.05

Nice shot, oh of my favorites.

Posted by: Darkzule on 11.24.05

It would appear as he's preparing to fire a lazer...something concerning snipers or just vengence.

Posted by: Meeeee on 03.25.06
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